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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Old Downtown Campbell!

I have been sorting through the photographs stored on my computer — and decided to post up some. It is fun to have memories triggered by looking at old photos.

The picture above is the front of the dining room of what was Mio Vicino, a nice family style pizza and pasta restaurant. There is a story about that painting hanging on the wall, but I can't quite remember what that story was.

This picture shows Marsha Smith inspecting work that was being done behind Mio Vicino. There was some kind of drain pipe that had to be dug up and repaired.

Pictured here is the patio of Mio Vicino. Mio Vicino moved into downtown Campbell in the '90s, into a remodeled building, adding this patio by moving the outer wall back. This was the first restaurant in downtown with a patio.

Here is a picture I took of the Gaslighter. The file is dated Feb 1999. The sheet metal and neon sign was removed some time ago during a remodel — it went to the City of Campbell for storage and possible reuse at a later date.

This picture shows the former alies corner café a favorite of mine for breakfast and lunch back in the day. To the right is Brian's Custom Framing. The building is now a restaurant called Cafe Campbell. Brian's Custom Framing closed down, the space is now The Celtic Shop.

Behind the building is the Campbell Water Tower. It was painted the peach and plum color back then, now it is a tan color.