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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Post Partum Fitness Hits The Streets Of Campbell

Moms and babes take to
 the streets of Campbell
By California standards, it was a chilly Tuesday morning. I was excited and apprehensive to participate in Baby Boot Camp.  My babies are both in their twenties now but I certainly could use the conditioning. And these ladies had all recently given birth so I thought I wouldn't stick out for my lack of fitness...too much.

Ten participants and their babies (with strollers in tow) began their fitness workout with a power walk/jog to the grass area below the water tower in Downtown Campbell. I quickly fell behind and by the time I arrived the new moms were lunging and squatting with gusto. I stepped in line only to realize that these exercises were much more challenging than they appeared. Once the lunges and squats were completed we did a hand and foot crawl on the cement (which was cold). Thankfully, it was time for another power walk/jog, this time to Campbell Park.  Again, by the time I arrived the group was well into repetitions of conditioning exercises.
August, mother of three,
 leads Boot Camp

One of the babies started crying. I took this as an opportunity to be both helpful and to save face. I'm sure the mom knew it. She graciously allowed me to hold her baby for which I was grateful.

Baby Boot Camp is a stroller fitness program that offers classes nationwide. Their slogan is "we offer fitness for you, fun for your child." Their mission is to enable women to be the fittest they've ever been without worrying about who will watch their baby. They offer programs for all fitness levels (well, maybe not mine, lol) including prenatal and postpartum. They believe that healthy women are better moms and better moms have happier (and healthier) kids.

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  1. We're so glad you came out to see what we do at Baby Boot Camp Judy!! You did awesome and we loved having you in class. Any moms or soon-to-be moms in the area are welcome to come out and try a class for free! We'll modify all exercises to your level and give you a great workout with lots of fun at the same time;) All levels are welcome!!