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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Great things come in small (tasty) packages!

Bryan Robertson of Los Altos had the pleasure of stopping by the Frost Cupcake Factory last week after his dinner here in downtown Campbell. Deciding to venture in before the official opening, he was delighted to find two employees who were very welcoming and nice, as well as the owner (Andrea Parks) who was baking a fresh batch of cupcakes.  Andrea, came out to meet us as well as other customers to get our feedback.  She was very kind, nice to talk to, and offered a free sample cupcake to get our opinion.

Bryan says the new sweet shop is exactly what Campbell needed as a way of offering some truly distinctive variety to the downtown dining experience.  Sure, Campbell has had it's share of yogurt, ice cream, and sweet shops but let's face it, cupcakes are just different.  And in this case, different is better.  These cupcakes offer exceptional texture quality along with flavors that are subtle and distinct.  He also had the Tahitian Vanilla cupcake which had a sublime flavor that exceeds anyone's expectations for a dessert.  If you've had real vanilla, truly high-quality stuff, then you'll know what I'm talking about. 

They also had the mocha java and coconut.  All Bryan can say is "WOW!" to both.  He describes the flavors and textures are exceptional and it's like eating cake from a master pastry chef, all in a nice package you can eat at the shop.  The size of the cupcakes is more than enough to make a single enough for dessert.  I'm sure that some folks will feel that one isn't enough but I can assure you it is.  As with anything world-class, a little goes a long way.

So, after dinner downtown, he highly recommends stopping over there.  Frost Cupcakes is located at 199 E Campbell Avenue, between Aqui Restaurant and the Sonya Paz Fine Art Gallery in Downtown Campbell.

Submitted by Bryan Robertson of Los Altos and a realtor for the Sereno Group
To see Bryans blog and more on this story, visit his site!

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