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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Life Insurance: Dispelling the Myths

Life Insurance: Dispelling the Myths
There is not always an absolute choice when it comes to choosing life insurance protection for either family or your business.  There is a significant difference between term and permanent protection, and each has an application depending on the needs and objectives of the user.

Brian Dixon of Fifth Street Financial Group sheds some light on dispelling the myths of what to know about life insurance and helpful answers to your questions.

Fifth Street Financial Group is an specialized insurance broker catering to startup and emerging companies, as well as established businesses.  We are also personal life insurance and California group health brokers.

As an Executive Benefits company, we provide risk mitigation strategies for founders, partnerships, business owners, C level executives and VC/Angel investment using corporate-owned life insurance. 

Learn more about Fifth Street Financial Group services and offerings throught their website!

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