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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Plywood Cut-out Photo Op Board

Hello Downtown Campbell:

I have been moving along on my fun little Downtown Campbell community project — which is a board painted with the Campbell Water Tower, images of kids 'climbing' the tower, and with holes cut into the board so that kids can stick their heads out and pose for pictures.

The picture with this blog shows the board in front of the real McCoy. As you can see it has the base coat of primer, the image is sketched out, and the holes cut out.

I bought the board at Home Depot, had them cut it to size; the artist John Cloud sketched the images on the board; and Ed Arrowsmith just cut out the opening.

I will try to convince John Cloud to paint it this coming Friday night (as the Gallery is open late on all Fridays and John is always in attendance doing live painting); perhaps finishing it up on Sunday, as John paints here on Sundays during the Farmers' Markets — then I will have it set up and see how the kids react!

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