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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The History of Gargolyes

Whether monsters, animals, people or a combination of two of the three, throughout time gargoyles have been popular sculptural figures affixed to the corners of the roofs of buildings to direct water away from the building itself. They worked as, in simplest terms, ornamental gutters. But their origins are not clearly defined. While some people believe gargoyles were developed in medieval times to ward off evil, alternative theories range from that they were inspired from a bible passage, that they represent man's subconscious fears or that they were first inspired by the skeletal remains of dinosaurs.

"Irving" and "Dedo" Gargoyles with the "Gossip Monger" Wall Plaque
Originally carved from stone, typically granite, today's modern gargoyle ornaments can be made of a wide variety of materials ranging from stone to concrete, plaster or plastic.
Gargoyle Bookends
While the most famous gargoyle lives atop Notre Dame in Paris, France the nearest large scale (model) gargoyles reside atop the Haunted House attraction at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
A Humorous Coffee Drinking Gargoyle
If you are a gargoyle lover or know someone who is, drop by the Stone Griffin Gallery in Historic Downtown Campbell, CA where we always have a collection on hand. They make great gift items and decorations for your home or yard.

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